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Gadget Bag

June 11th, 2007

The modern traveller requires modern tools. If you were me, you’d be packing all of this:

Shure E2C-nShure E2C-n Earphones. If you can deal with in-ear canalphones, these beat the active noise cancelling headphones from Bose and others. Excellent sound quality, and they improve the odds of sleeping on a long flight.

If you want to use those headphones with the in-flight entertainment, pack an airline adapter as well. I went with one from Shure, but any you find will do.

The inflight screening of “DaVinci Code II: Mona Lisa Boogaloo” may not grab you. Having something else to listen to may save your sanity. If you have an older iPod, a replacement battery may extend playing time substantially.


Most all travelers will want a camera along for the journey. This time around, I’m going with a Nikon Coolpix 7600. Not the latest and greatest, but it’s pocket sized and takes great pictures. At home I do most of my shooting with a Coolpix 5700, and generally I prefer a camera with full manual capabilities. If I was traveling by car I’d take the 5700 along. But London is a walking tour kind of place, and a camera in the pocket beats one left at the hotel any day. The 7600 takes SD cards, and I’m going with three 1GB cards. I’d rather have several smaller cards than one huge one, just in case one fails. And the card reader makes everything easier.




Power is supplied by a couple of $2 US to UK adapters and a fistful of batteries. And of course, the true nerve center of the operation is the ubiquitous portable computer:


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